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I built a world-leading Clergy Clothing Brand in a niche market. Grew an engaged Social Media presence from scratch

to over 100k.

As a Brand Strategist, I now support creative teams and entrepreneurs with branding, marketing and sales.

I have developed, facilitated and delivered; products, training packages, workshops, and speeches on entrepreneurial mindset, self-care, emotional health, productivity, authenticity, people management, business and time management.

With a unique blend of fashion design and brand strategy expertise, I'm passionate about making an impact through creative solutions. I have 24 years of experience building and helping brands create strong, distinct identities that align with their target audiences. I specialize in helping clients define their messaging and visual identity while creating strategies that ensure they stand out from the competition. I'm committed to delivering exceptional results and helping brands bring their stories to life.

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Brand Strategist

I have a passion for marketing and sales, I thrive as a creative

and strategic thinker, devising brilliant strategies to connect

products, services, and ideas with precisely targeted audiences.

For over 15 years, I honed my skills in building a brand that uniquely connected clergy dresses with a niche audience. Now, my mission is to empower others with the same and greater success.

As your Brand Strategist, you'll benefit from a powerful brand identity, targeted marketing insights, and a distinctive competitive advantage. Cohesive messaging will build trust and loyalty, while measurable strategies optimize resources and drive business growth.

Let's forge a path to marketing excellence together.

Brand Strategist

Brand Strategist

Brand Strategist

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28th & 29th April

Faith in Business Retreat

19th & 20th May

Breathe Conference

17th June

The Kingdompreneurs Summit 2023

28th June

Quarter 3 Planning Session

30th August

Branding Webinar

23rd September

Step Out of Fear into Flow Event

27th September

Quarter 4 Planning Session

29th September

Purpose Journaling Session, Peckham London

13th October

K90 Business Planning Event

Speaking Events



The Power of


There is a simple, life realigning habit an 8 year old could teach a CEO. It's so simple it's easy to miss. The 8 year old is simply doing it, and not overcomplicating or overthinking it.

It's journaling! A simple, daily conversation with yourself in the form of writing that can go from self coaching to self mastery.



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In Business

The buzz word during 2020 for businesses was 'Pivot'. Those businesses struggling had to pivot, find other ways to use what they have to generate revenue. I had one of those businesses, as my designer clergy fashion sales slumped, I needed to think fast to diversify.


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The Superpower of Listening

In Dale Carnegie’s classic book; How to win friends and influence people, he shares about the power of listening and a key take away was to listen without interrupting.

You know how it feels to be making a point and just when you know it’s about to get juicy you get cut off.


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Books & Resources

Living in the FLOW Planner





...this is not just a Planner, it's your personal Accountability Coach.

Daily, weekly and quarterly accountability to help you manage your time, mind and personal style.


Book Coach

I have helped over 60 women (and a few men) become Published Authors and published 100+ writers in Ordained Magazine.

I now work 121 with a handful of Authors, coaching them through the self-publishing process, ensuring the book, the message and the launch is in alignment with their brand and mission.

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Book Coach

Book Coach

Book Coach



Camelle helped us secure a brand partnership, she was really easy to work with, came up with great ideas, kept me updated with progress and we're excited to continue working with her.

James Aaron Music

We booked Camelle to speak at an event we were hosting, she was an amazing speaker with a timely message, insightful and engaging. Everyone came away inspired and loved attending the event. Would highly recommend Camelle as a speaker. We can't wait to book her again.

Mike Abbott MSC FCIPD

HR Consultant

Camelle, was the motivation and inspiration I needed during such a difficult season. She was not only a ray of sunshine but professional and skilled in her areas of expertise. Camelle, Is completely dedicated to making hers and your goals come to fruition.

Claudia Myrie

Owner of a supported housing

Camelle is a true delight to work with. As a first time author I needed someone who could patiently guide me through the publication process. A genuine professional, her passion and work-ethic gave me the assurance I needed as a client. The end result exceeded my expectations.

Jeanette McCarthy

Author, Poet & Virtual VA

"Vulnerability leads to authenticity that gives you authority"

Camelle ilona



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